Trial lesson for Visitors / 遊客插花體驗課


Hello, I am Toshie Miyaguchi, from Japan. I am trained in both the Dutch Flower and English style arrangements.


Studying with a master flower designer, Dorien Roling; and later I recently traveled to London Uk at the Judith Blacklock school to study English style flower arrangement. After studying I worked at several florists in Japan as a designer Now I am using my knowledge and experience teaching my own classes, Toshie Flower Design.


We welcome students from around the world to join our flower classes from beginners to advanced. Lessons can be supported in English for non Japanese speakers. Let us enjoy the arrangements together with the beautiful fragrance of flowers. To enjoy the moment and make new friends and relax as well as learning a new beautiful skill. Feel and enjoy the Japanese four seasons unfolding with the different flowers and foliage.

荷兰式的花艺设计是师从于Master Flower Designer的Dorien Roling老师,并且曾留学英国伦敦,学习了英式花艺设计。
曾在多家花店从事过花艺设计工作之后,现在成立了自己的工作室Toshie Flower Design传授花艺。





Reserve and book your space/预约方式

Please send an email via the “Contact” button, not forgetting to include the date of the session that you are interested in.

Recent lessons are shown below. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We can respond to emails in English.


Please note:

Emails can be replied in English if necessary but please note we are unable to understand Chinese at present. So for Chinese speakers please write in English!.

All tools are provided but please do leave them behind after the class.

No food or alcoholic drinks allowed in the classroom(We serve a little sweets), but you may bring other drink with you but please be careful of any spillage.

Please arrive in time for the lesson.





我们的课程可以免费借给您剪刀等工具, 使用后请还给我们不要带回家中。